Instagram’s engagement rates explained.

Today we’re going to point out Instagram’s engagement rate – that renowned statistic so debated since Instagram announced the change. We have set to clarify how it’s calculated, but additionally what it means for you.

Instagram’s engagement formula helps you understand and analyze the impact of your publications on your community. The goal: to enhance it by staying true to it.

In the U.S.A., the engagement rate of Instagram is between 1 and 2. This might not seem to be much, however in Spain, for instance, it’s between 2 and 3. The difference isn’t very massive.

An engagement rate is typically between 0 and 100%, however, some accounts with a lower range of followers have a better rate – after many studies, it’s been shown that the larger the influencer community, the lower the engagement.

Calculating the performance of an account is the latest focus in influencer marketing. There are various effective tools accessible to differentiate between real and fake followers. In fact, more and more brands are turning to micro influencers for this reason. The quantity of followers is no longer the main criterion; the search for quality is favored.
Although the standards of selection changes from one brand or agency to another generally, a rate of over 1 chronicles is ok, whereas a rate of over 2 is in the above average.

According to studies on followers, those individuals with a 10th engagement rate have the subsequent breakdown: 1 chronicles active users, 9-11 present users and 90th spectator users.

Instagram’s engagement pyramid

The formula takes into consideration pyramid logic, with the bottom being composed of the amount of likes generated. Following step is the share rate, how much has the post been shared with others. Finally, there are comments, which exist in smaller volumes however mirror an excellent commitment on the part of the followers.

Calculating Instagram’s engagement rate

To calculate the engagement rate, several criteria are necessary: the quantity of comments, the quantity of likes, the quantity of times shared and also the number of followers. With these data, 2 kinds of engagement can be calculated: that of a post and that of an account. Of course, you will never get identical result.

For the engagement rate of a post the formula is as follows:
The total of the number of individuals involved (comments + likes + nº times shared) divided by the scope (which you can find in your Instagram statistics), multiplied by 100.

For the engagement of your Instagram account, the calculation is more complicated. In fact, it’s preferable to make an average of the last 10 or 30 days, by doing the following: add the average number of likes and the average of the number of comments and divide by the number of followers.

As you can see, the engagement of Instagram is an art however not so mysterious in the end.

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